Managing the total IT Systems of a business, including its infrastructure, cabling, network and workstations is a complicated process. Without proper functioning IT systems, no business can operate.

IT Allies is a Managed IT services provider that can help your business with a fully outsourced IT department at a fraction of the cost of employing your own in-house IT department.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

Controlled IT Costs

IT Allies offers flat-rate IT Support options, taking the guesswork out of IT Costs.

Increased Efficiency and Competitiveness

Organisations with in-house IT departments often have much higher research, development and implementation costs that are often passed on to their customers, reducing your IT spent while improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of IT Systems in your business.

Quickly Implement New Technology

At IT Allies, our strategic partnerships and experienced team of IT Specialists allows us to quickly and cost-effectively roll out new technology.

Reduce Risk of Downtime

Every business investment carries a certain amount of risk, outsourced IT service providers are however often much better at deciding how to avoid IT risks associated with downtime etc.

Level the Playing Field

South African SME’s often cannot afford to match the in-house IT Support services that large corporations enjoy, this is where outsourcing your IT department to IT Allies come in, we provide your business with an outsourced IT department at a fraction of the cost – making it possible for South African SME’s to effectively compete against their bigger competitors.

The Process

The Way We Work

IT Allies strongly believes that only when a business is in need of our services do we enter into an agreement. As such, we do a lot of the ground work before any contract is in place.

Learn your environment

The very first step we undertake is to identify whether or not we are really needed. We do this by performing a comprehensive assessment ofour potential client's entire environment so that we can fully understand the scale of what is required and what may be expected of us as your IT Partner. Included in this assessment is needs analysis to understand whether the environemtn currently in place meets the need of the work force. We also perform a full security audit to uncover any concerns around data security, protection and disaster recovery. We literally go through your entire environment with a fine tooth comb.

Understand Expenses

The second step is to analyse your IT expenses and uncover any over spending that could be happening. This includes looking for duplicate expenses, understanding what you are paying for and identifying whether you are getting what you are paying for. Whats more, we will also uncover instances where you could be saving on costs by procuring better value for money services where you could be spending less for a better service, or spending less for the service you already have in place.

Build a wish list

In most cases, Small to Medium Enterprises employ solutions as and when they are needed. This often results in sprawl and disjointed systems which become difficult to manage. The third step  we take is to learn what the pain points in your business are and what exactly drives the growth of your IT infrastructure. We gather this information and use it to help build a roadmap and vision for IT in your business to help plan and scale the infrastructure as your business grows, without last minute, unplanned expenses.

Provide feedback

Once we have gathered all of the required information from the Assessment, Cost Analysis and Needs Analysis, a comrehensive report is provided to you. Detailed in this report are all of the steps we recommend you take to scale your business in a cost effective and efficient manner, while ensuring the current and future needs of the business are met from an IT perspective.

You have peace of mind

It is only after the full analysis has been completed that we propose a managed services SLA. Detailed in the SLA are the responsibilities of IT Allies, turn around times, penalties for non compliance and costs involved. IT Allies will only propose an SLA if we are 100% sure that we will add value to your business in the form of improving operational efficiency and or lowering operating expendature from an IT perspective.

Request a Free IT Assessment

IT Allies offers free IT Assessments to help businesses understand their environment completely, identify potential loopholes and threats as well as eliminate unnecessary expenditure. Complete the form to request a free audit and we'll get you back on track, at no cost to you!

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